Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wynnum Classroom Pics

Hi there Crafty Ladies,
It's Barbara here again! Lois and I (and we roped in Rachel ;) spent all day today getting the classroom ready and willing for it's upcoming classes!  I must say that it was so much fun putting everything together (let's just say I was allowed to go out and buy storage! (sigh) ;) and I hope that you all have as much fun working and playing in the new space as we have been getting it together!  Also, it was great to see a few familiar faces today, as more and more come and check out the new digs.
So, just before I stagger off to bed - here are some sneak peek pics of the room.

Lois wanted me to be sure to include a picture of my compulsive labeling ;)

Obviously we still have some more work to do (I don't think poor Phil is looking forward to putting up those picture rails we sent him out for today ;) but it is so exciting!!

Enjoy your Easter!

PS - Happy Birthday Tracey!!

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Pearl Maple said...

Happy Birthday Tracey and Happy Easter to everyone there at Stamp & Scrapbook Madness